Sticker Chart Party!

A digital sticker chart for your team

So your team culture suffers a little. Your CEO says you need to increase productivity. It's up to you to pull everyone together and boost morale. What are you going to do?

Forget fancy-schmancy retreats to the public library with cardboard pizza. Become the "solution" person. It's time to reallocate your budget to bring back the best team boosting, happiness generating, productivity tool that's been working for generations.

Reward your team with digital stickers

You can tell Dustin he did a good job or nudge Jeff to get his work done or thank Matt for lunch or congratulate Joel on his new baby or wish Michelle luck on her race or give Taylor an award or just say hi to Eric .

Get creative and give your team some love !

Send Stickers with Slack

Slack is everyone's favorite team messaging app.

To send a sticker with Slack use the following slash command:
/sticker :emoji: @recipient [message]

Example: /sticker :sunny: @eric Thanks for the help!

Visit your team's sticker chart to see the sticker you just sent. Boom! There's the sticker you just sent.


Sticker Chart Party! is free for all teams. There is no limit to the number of Slack team members or stickers sent.

A Slack team is required to create an account.

Would my team benefit from Sticker Chart?

Reasons Sticker Chart Party! may not be right for your team:

  • Your team doesn't communicate. Period.
  • Fun is off limits. Oh yeah, and so is everything "techno" related.
  • There is a strict, text only policy for communication. You could get fired for thinking emoji!
  • Scratch 'n sniff stickers are currently unsupported. We're looking into it.

Pretty ridiculous, right? Sounds like a sticker chart is just what your team needs.